Regarding the daily aspects like stress we will treat your body professionally, medically and systematically. With this treatment we help your body to handle for example stress, hardenings, headaches, limitation with motion or special problems caused by sport.


Partial Massage: 20,00€ / 20 min.

Full Massage: 25,00 € / 30 min. or 50,00€ / 60 min.

Your daily routine can be often fast, hectic and stressful. Treat yourself with a body-relax massage and flee the daily routine for a moment. Our trained staff will bring your body in accordance with your soul. This massage is not only for relaxation but also it can stimulate the blood circulation, lower the blood pressure and ease pain. It is also often used to accelerate wound healing. Reduce your stress and give yourself a downtime.
Chose between the following packages:


60 min with neutral oil: 50,00 €

60 min with aromatic oil : 58,00 € (Balance, Energy or Rose)

Sometime we stumble. The energy is not floating anymore and you’re tired and stressed out.
History tells us that reiki is a combination of the japanese words “Rei” which means body and soul and the word “Ki” which stands for life energy. In the western world it is freely interpreted with universal life energy. With special symbols and laying hands on the right spots it influences your medical condition positively. Working with energy sets free a special form of warmth streaming through the hands. A 80 years old japanese tradition with different kinds of treatments.


10 min in addition to the massages mentioned above: 10,00 €

20 min in addition to the massages mentioned above: 20,00 €

Running around in high heels or business shoes the entire week? Your feed might need a break. Treat yourself with a foot massage. As part of the relaxology the therapy is traditionally passed on from the eastern world. Generally there is a reflexive reaction within our body, which are therapeutically and diagnostically interpreted. There are several trigger areas in different parts of your body, like for example in our feed.


30 min 29,00 €

One of the oldest medical methods is the therapy with heat. Heat in general has a healing effect on the body. Throughout locally set heat sources it can heal the musculoskeletal system. Pain in the neck or even chronic back pain can be treated very well with heat. It improves the blood circulation and relaxes the muscles.


Infrared treatment 20 min 12,50 €

Traditionally ayurveda has its origin in India. In the traditional treatment we focus on the entire organism. For some people ayurveda even is an attitude towards live. Treating the face, head, body, arms and legs gently with sesame oil has a harmonising effect on the autonomic nervous system. You will be totally relaxed and in this phase of the treatment your energy will be recharged. The premium oils used during the treatment will bind the toxicant in your body and clean them out of it. Increasing the effect of ayurveda with an infrared therapy afterwards you will get a highly effective detoxication.


90 min 84,00 €

The positive vibration of the quartz will linder your pain as well as they have a healing effect. The base baths supports the therapy very effectively with its vibrations. The effect is soft and gentle and it also supports the sef-healing process.


60 min 50,00 €